Rewilding in the Cotswolds

Green shoots....

We are blessed in this part of the Cotswold's to be surrounded by an abundance of nature and wonderful open spaces - right on our own green doorstep (of over 240 acres) over a period of the last 25 years slowly nature has been given the space to "rewild" through wildflower planting and organic farming practices. More recently in 2012 the planting of over 21,930 native trees and the creation of a new woodland area brought excited news of  an increasing number of rare and endangered farmland birds spotted within our grounds as well as an abundance of butterflies, moths and wildflowers.

Meet Our Rewilding Champion

As the nature around us has been given the space to flourish, our Groundsman Steve and the Calcot team are now on a mission to enhance the project further by creating and sustaining this opportunity for a better connection of the wildlife on our doorstep and to encourage our  guests to explore and enjoy our wild space.


What's the buzz this spring?

We're excited that in March 2022 we'll be welcoming a new kind of guest to Calcot & Spa and we're buzzing about it!


Seasonal Tips

"Usually, hedgehogs hibernate for a period of around four months, from November to mid-March. However, this is dependent on the weather and in mild winters hedgehogs may remain active well into December so remember to keep water out for them in shallow dish and cat food if you can to help them get through the winter (don’t ever give them milk - this makes them very sick!).  At Calcot we have lots of the prickly visitors and like to rehabilitate injured hedgehogs on our grounds where they can be safe to snuffle and grub about away from roads" - Steve, Head Gardener


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