​Historic manor house in the Cotswolds

Where it all began

This is our story

Our flagship hotel, Calcot & Spa is where it all began. Calcot first opened its doors as a luxury hotel in 1984 but the building itself can trace its history back over 700 years - you can still see the original date stone in the tithe barn.

Built by Henry of Kingswood in the 1300s as the tithe barn annexe of Kingswood Abbey, Calcot belonged to the church until the 16th century when King Henry VIII dissolved England’s monasteries and gave the estate to one of his courtiers. Calcot has remained in private ownership ever since, belonging to the Estcourt family for several centuries, and expanded to include a 16th-century manor house and several outbuildings. Now fully restored, the estate is the flagship hotel of The Calcot Collection, a small eclectic group of award-winning luxury hotels, inns, restaurants and spas.

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